Artivista – Baily Ludwick

Canela’s gum wrappers on canvas
18×24 in.

Baily Ludwick is an artist and student at UCSB devoted to raising awareness of the mistreatment of Mexicans in America through her artwork. The “artivista,” combining art and activism, utilizes a variety of mediums and symbolism to tell the story of her Mexican American heritage. Ludwick, who has been oil painting for 11 years, has gone on to explore new mediums such as repurposed gum wrappers and neon colors. Through her art, Ludwick expresses the feelings of a lack of belonging as a Mexican American. She also tackles prominent political issues like the US-Mexico border in The Border, President Trump’s No Tolerance Policy in I Care Do U?, and the president’s remarks on Mexican immigrants in Labels. Baily Ludwick aspires to incite social change with her emotionally-charged artwork.

I Care Do U?
Oil on canvas
24×30 in.
Baily Ludwick’s painting at the Families Belong Together rally in Las Vegas
Mixed Media
9.5×11 in.

“They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

-Donald J. Trump

In Labels, Ludwick renames popular Mexican sparkling water brands, like Topo Chico, with derogatory terms that have been directed towards the Mexican community. She also adds tags of “criminal” and “lazy” to the revered Virgen de Guadalupe and Saint Martin de Porres, the patron saint of mixed-race people and her grandmother’s favorite saint, in order to reflect the absurdity of these stereotypes.

The Border
Watercolor on paper
11×14 in.
White Space
Ink on paper
11×14 in.
Watercolor on paper
11×14 in.

Ludwick speaks of the importance of calling attention to the issues facing the Mexican community in her art:

“My great-great grandmother died because she was turned away from the hospital for being Mexican. When I hear these words of hatred, I feel the pain of discrimination running through my blood. I feel it is my duty to speak out against this hatred the only way I know how: through my paintbrush.”

-Baily Ludwick

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